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It's ok to be quiet. God is protecting you.

Please understand that God will always protect you during your "promise period". A "promise period" is a span of the time when God is working on something that He has promised you.

During that time, he will cause you to remain quiet or go through a period of silence. It's not because he is upset with you, it's because He is protecting you from something or someone that may alter your blessing that is on the way. Not everyone needs to know the places that you are about to go in life until it's time. Often times we don't even realize that it was God that has shifted things in our atmosphere to make sure that we are quiet during this time; and even moreso, people around us will wonder why you haven't been around, why you aren't saying much, and wonder what's going on with you. It's ok not to answer or go into detail with them. Here's an easy response to tell them... God is working.

Now, while He is working, you should take the time to relax, read a book, pamper yourself, take yourself out for a peaceful lunch, walk at the park, or do whatever it is that makes you smile. Doing this will show God that your faith has been activated and you are not worrying about anything, because you know that HE is handling it all, and you are just waiting to receive the benefits. So enjoy your peaceful moments, it's a great look on you!

Peaceful Moments
Enjoying peaceful moments, while I let God work.

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